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Monday, December 1, 2014

My recent shopping trip...

I wanted to share how much we spend on average for food from Winco.  I am in no way endorsing Winco,  I just know that for our needs the prices are great!  Anything highlighted was on sale or on special.  Also their Bulk section is amazing!!!!!! You can get spices for a great price in their bulk section.  Check out what I spent on Ginger.  The container was .78 cents, and the 8 oz of spice-.84 cents.

Tater tots- $1.34 a bag
Bag of shredded cheese- 8 cup pkg- $8.66
Frozen peas- .77 cents
Cream of chicken soup- .72 cents
Pancake mix- just add water-$1.62
Tomato sauce- .33 cents
Manwich sauce- .98 cents
Chicken bouillon- $1.32
Pancake syrup-$1.88
Green beans- .58 cents
Canned evaporated milk- .78 cents
Vanilla wafers- $1.52
Butter crackers-$1.60
8 oz jar of Dry ginger-$1.62
Canned corn- .58 cents
spaghetti sauce-$2.83
Refrigerator cinnamon rolls- $1.78
Envelope spaghetti spice mix- .45 Cents
Envelope taco spice mix- .45 cents
1 gallon milk- $2.47
Ground Turkey- 1 pound- $3.28
Count Chocula cereal- $1,48
18 eggs- $2.92
canned pineapple-.98 cents
bag of fresh carrots- .78 cents
Large ham steak- (enough for 2 people)-$3.10
1 pound dried pineapple- $1.81
5 pound bag of Fuji apples=$3.98
5 pound bag of onions-$1.98
5 pound bag of potatoes-$1.28

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