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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Grandpa Carr's spanish rice dinner

When I was 2 to 3 years old and my daddy was away serving in the military, my mom and I stayed with my grandparents.  My Grandpa used to make this meal and my mom said it was my favorite.  I remember through the years eating it at grandpa's.  When I make it now, I remember my sweet, sweet grandpa!

1 box of spanish rice mix- (such as rice a roni) I use a store brand- .77 cents
1 pound ground turkey or hamburger=$3.28
1 can corn- drained- .58 cents
1 small can tomato sauce-.33 cents
1/2 onion diced-.07 cents
2 TBS butter-..80 cents
                                                                   Total- $5.83= servings(6) per serving-.97 cents

In a heavy saucepan, melt butter.  Add onion and cook till softened.  Brown meat,  Add corn and let it roast a bit in the butter.  It adds a depth of flavor to canned corn.  Add rice mixture, and whatever amount of water it call for.  Add a can of tomato sauce plus 1 can of extra water.  Cook as directed by box instructions.  We have eaten it alone or with cheese quesadilla's

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