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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Stretching meals even more!!

Since I posted last there have been some additions to our family.  I wish I could say it was another child or two, but instead its two adults.  My mom and step dad moved in with us on March 2nd.  They are looking for a place to rent and trying to save some money in the meantime.  Although they are giving us some money every week for food and utilities, I am trying to stretch our meals to feed 4 adults and a growing toddler, with the occasional meal for my 3 year old nephew who I tend.  We have my nephew for some additional hours this week as his mommy is working overtime.  Tonight I intended to make pizza.  I have 3 mini pizza shells, 1/2 a jar of pizza sauce, pepperoni, canadian bacon, some pineapple and about 1 1/2 cups of shredded cheese.  I also have some parmesan.

So the trick tonight is to feed 4 adults and 2 toddlers.  My plan is to make 3 pizza's, a box of noodle-roni parmesan pasta and a green tossed salad with olives, croutons and olive garden dressing.  We have icecream bars in the freezer as well for dessert.
3 mini pizza shells- $3.00
1/2 jar of pizza sauce- .50
1/2 pkg- pepperoni-$ 1.50
1/2 pkg canadian bacon- $1.50
1 1/2 cups shredded  cheese- 2.50
parmesan- .50
parmesan pasta- .1.76
butter- .25
3/4 cup milk- .35
bag of lettuce- $1.50
1/2 can olives- .50
1/2 bag croutons= .75
Olive garden dressing- 3.00
Total $17.61 divided by 6 servings-$2.93 a person
not the best priced meal, but still $3.00 per person isn't too bad
last night I fed 2 adults, a preteen and two toddlers chocolate chip pancakes.  The entire meal cost $3.00. for all of us.  With some pancakes left for breakfast today.

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