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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cheesy chicken quesadilla casserole


Cheesy chicken quesadilla  casserole came about as a desperation dinner.  It's time to go grocery shopping but we have stuff the next 3 nights, so it's use up stuff from the pantry, fridge and freezer.
it was pretty good considering!

4 boneless chicken breasts
1 box 4 cheese rice a Roni
3 TBS  butter or margarine
1/2 envelope taco seasoning, use more if you have it and like it spicier.
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/2can water, 1/2 can milk
3 TBS  cream cheese
8 flour tortillas
5 to 6 cups shredded Mexican blend cheese
Black pepper
Heat oven to 375 F
In large deep frying pan place chicken breasts.  (Mine were frozen)
Just add enough butter to almost cover chicken.  Bring to boil.  Cook till cooked through, adding water as needed.  Remove chicken, add butter to pan, melt on medium heat.  Shred chicken, add back to pan.  Add rice.  Brown rice and chicken till lightly brown. Add water called for on box, with about a 1/2 cup extra.  Cover and cook on low 20 minutes.  Meanwhile in small saucepan heat, soup, water and milk.  When blended well add 1/2 of the packet of taco seasoning to soup mixture.  Add cream cheese and heat on low till well blended.
when chicken/rice mixture is cooked through, add the rest of the taco seasoning and 2 to 3 TBS of water, and the cheese mix from box.  Stir till blended well.
Spray a 9x13  Pyrex or cake pan with baking spray.  Add a ladle of soup mixture to bottom of pan.  Cut tortillas in 1/2.  Place 2 to 3 tortillas on top of soup mixture.  Like you would place lasagna noodles, laying them to cover bottom of pan.  Add a little more soup on top of that, then 1/3 of chicken and rice evenly over tortillas, layer of shredded cheese.  Repeat with tortillas, soup, chicken/rice, cheese.  Repeat and end with tortllas, soup and cheese. Sprinkle black pepper on top.  Bake 20 minutes.  Remove from oven, let rest 10 minutes. Serve in squares.

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