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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Menu plan for the next two weeks....

Once again I made a menu plan for the next 2 weeks.  I used to plan which meal on which day but I find its easier for me to have a list of options so I can choose something we are in the mood for, or have time for. The highlighted meals are new recipes we are trying.  We went shopping last night and bought about 70.00 over our budget for some food storage on things that were on sale.  We may not use all these planned meals in the next two weeks but I like to have extras in mind in case we have to delay shopping for a few days, or we decide to make a meal for a neighbor or friend in need.  We also eat once at his parents in the next two weeks and bring a item to contribute.
Pancakes and fruit salad
French toast
Cold cereal and toast
oatmeal and fruit
eggs and toast and fruit
Frozen waffles

Mac and cheese

Red potatoes, green beans and Ham in the slow cooker
Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole
Pasta carbonara Fritatta and fruit
Baked meatball and ravioli
Breakfast for dinner (at least twice)
sloppy Joe's and mac and cheese
Hamburgers and tater tots
cheese quesidillas and Spanish rice
meatloaf and scalloped potatoes
meatloaf sandwiches

Fruit salad
Apples and peanut butter
cinnamon toast
peanut butter cookies
cinnamon tortillas
cheese and crackers

I even have Berrett look in the morning occasionally and choose a meal.  He will tell me thumbs up or thumbs down on new recipes, and I don't take it personally.  I don't want to waste money on recipes that we don't love.

Do you meal plan at your house?  What works for you?

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